Where To Happily Shop For Contact Lenses? MrLens Has The Solution!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Assalamualaikum and hello!

As a contact lens user, my main concern of getting the supplies are the price of my favourite lenses. Sometimes, I just don't have enough money to buy everything so it kinda saddens me. However, ever since I was introduced to MrLens by The Butterfly Project, all my woes went away! Do you know that you can get genuine contact lenses from trusted brands at a fraction of their price? YES!! That is what I found at MrLens ^_^ Do not worry to buy from MrLens as they are a Switzerland based largest online contact lenses reseller that has been in the market since 2002. Their reputation is awesome I'm telling you ;)

Now I'm sure that all my readers would like to know how you can get the awesome deals at MrLens like I did, right? You will be spoilt for choices once you stepped into MrLens world! Lenses with power, no power, colored lenses, transparent lenses, crazy-funky-dolly lenses, you name it! And you get it waaayyy cheaper than the physical stores are offering you, plus FREE delivery if you live in Klang Valley ^_^ Let's see how you can get it, shall we?

1. Log on to http://www.mrlens.com.my/en

2. Create an account first, it doesn't take long ;)

3. Look at the top left corner, there's a section of LENSES & SOLUTIONS. Click your preference ^_^

4. You'll be directed to a page containing all the variants of lenses in the category that you chose just now. Time for "wow, the price is so affordable!" expression :p And then, pick which brand and design you love ^_^

5. Final pick is clicked! Now set the power and color. Also don't forget the quantity okay? Click ADD TO CART when you're done!

6. Before you proceed to delivery details, please check your order again, in case you feel like changing anything or adding the quantity ;) Once you're fully satisfied, click CHECKOUT. 

7. Now it's time for delivery details! Here, you can change your address, key-in any discount code you have, and then only you'll proceed to choose your payment option. Click CONTINUE when you're ready to pay :) 
*credit/debit card in hand, now!

8. Here's where you can choose your payment method, whether it is via debit or credit. Make sure your account is active and you have enough balance if using debit ^_^ don't wanna get stuck didn't we? Click CONTINUE to get the payment process done!

10. Tadaaaa! You've successfully bought your contact lenses from MrLens! Now is the time to check your inbox as MrLens will send you details of order, confirmation, delivery information and pssstt, you'll get a discount code for your next purchase too ^_^

 First email : Confirmation of order and order details

Second and third email : Order status and delivery info/changes 
Fourth email : A coupon for you ^_^

I hope my step-by-step guide is clear for everyone to follow :) Now you guys can buy your contact lenses at ease with lots of choices to ponder on, and buying from them is what I call a smart choice as their price is excellent, service is good and my order arrived in 3 days only! Oh, one more thing. MrLens has this kind of reminder function where they will send you an email when you need a new contact lens ^_^ Brilliant right? Yeah, they have the info on what type+period of lenses you just bought (monthly or 3-monthly) and they will keep track on dates when your lenses will expire. So, you will know when to buy your new pair!

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