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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Assalamualaikum and hello ^_^

I am very happy to share this post with you guys because it's a rare chance that I got to enjoy it, haha! As you can see, I'm still a full-time student and being in the final year now makes my life upside down with all the tasks to be completed. My skincare routine went astray, my skin became dull and breakouts seem to stay longer like they're enjoying a vacation on the surface of my skin =_='' 

So when HiShop Beauty Ambassador program announced that I'm eligible for their campaign with Murad, I was beyond happy ^_^ Finally, my skin will get some exclusive pampering, hehe! Fyi, I went for the treatment at Murad Skin Center, Damansara Utama. 
Before the skin analysis, I received a form to fill in, and customers have to disclose a bit about their current health and skin condition, what treatments they're currently on and what products they use in their skincare routine. This will help Murad staffs to know us better esp from our analysed skin condition with products used, and later on they'll be able to suggest what best treatment to undergo and the most suitable home care range for us to use later. 
The skin analysis room was small and a one-to-one consultation is carried out here. As you can see, there is a skin analysis machine and a monitor to show the results. 
This skin analysis machine reminds me of the machine optometrists use to check our eye condition, hehe~ It takes only a few seconds for the machine to analyse our skin, and then Murad's staff will proceed to the lengthy and detailed explanation session. 
Here's my skin analysis result! The analysis covers a wide aspect of skin condition like pores, roughness, soot, wrinkles and damages caused by overexposure to sun. There were 2 types of light used in this analysis. The normal light is to examine the surface condition while the UV light is for deeper skin analysis that detects any problem lying beneath your skin surface like congestion and acne formation. 

That yellow spots you see on my skin area are where dehydrated occurs, while the green dots are congested skin area. Oh well, my T-Zone is the most problematic area as usual =_='' I had several big pimples on my forehead when I went for the treatment, what a nasty sight (T_T) Therefore, I was given a blemish care treatment (worth RM280 for the campaign) and I add up another RM60 for hydration treatment (NP : RM120) because the staff told me that blemish treatment can cause dryness to my skin and I also don't want another problem to arise. 
Before the treatment started, customers need to take off their top and wear a mini robe provided. This is because the facial treatment does not only concentrate on face area but neck and chest too. Aside from that, customers also receive complimentary massages before, during and after the facial treatment progress ^_^ There's lockers as well for customers to put their bag before proceeding with the facial treatment!

Murad Facial Treatment Progress (random sequence)

1. Feet massage
2. Makeup removing + facial cleansing
3.  Mask 
4. Hand massage
5. Extraction 
6. Treatment application
7. Neck and shoulder massage
8. Application of aftercare

First thing that I love about this treatment is Murad products used does not sting my face at all. Most of them gave me a cooling sensation. I was given double mask for blemishes treatment and hydration, and I can say that the mask smells funny like siput sedut. Please don't judge me, I wasn't hungry but the masks definitely has a strong smell of siput sedut masak lemak. Fret not, it only lingers for a minute or two, and then it dissipates away. I fell asleep while waiting for the mask to work its magic :p A steamer was focused on my face whenever there were products on, and the waiting intervals was 10 minutes. 10 minutes mask, 10 minutes treatment product.. during the waiting time, I had the massages! Can I say that Murad Skin Centre offers the best facial treatment I ever had? Seriously, I have thought about going there as a frequent when I'm already earning on my own. Even though the first RM280 of the treatment was sponsored and I only pay RM60 for additional treatment, I definitely think it is damn well worth the money spent!
Since my forehead was infested with pimples, extraction need to be done. Truthfully, it was the first time I ever had my pimples extracted. I never done it before on my own coz I'm afraid to do so, and during my previous facial treatments, I do not have pimples laying around on my face. It was a bit painful but only for a few seconds. My forehead feels raw after extraction, haha! The staff gave me a mirror to see the after effect of extraction. All those bulging-filled-with-puss pimples are now gone, and what's left were red marks. After that, blemish treatment was applied to sooth the skin.
When the treatment is done, after care products took it place on my face :) There were toner, moisturizer, blemish care and sunscreen. Surprisingly, the layers does not feel heavy or thick at all on my face. I also can see the difference on my skin. Sorry I don't have the before and after picture, but what I can assure you :
  • less stress skin appearance
  • pimple infested area doesn't look as horrible as before
  • less sallow complexion
  • smoother and more bouncy skin
  • a very dark acne mark on my nose became less prominent
My pimple medication also works better the next day, because my congested skin has been treated and the big-angry-pimples already got extracted. Before the treatment, my pimples doesn't recede even when I religiously applied the medication that is supposed to work well on my skin. 
i just can't help loving their product bar!

Lastly, I was given a deluxe sample set of Murad Gift Series containing four products which are the Energizing Pomegranate Cleanser (50ml), Intensive-C Radiance Peel (10ml), Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture (7.5ml) and Renewing Eye Cream (4ml). This set will be reviewed in a separate post okay? ^_^ 
Before I went home, the staffs also briefed me about Murad products I can consider using for my skin condition. They highly recommended me to get the products for blemish prone skin as it suits my current skin condition.

Murad Ban Blemishes Starter Kit (30 Days Supply)

Overall, I really enjoyed my skin treatment at Murad Skin Center, Damansara Utama. The staffs are professional, the ambience of the center is very relaxing, the products used are working on my skin and the treatment done is first class! I'd like to go there again and again and againnnn~Do you know that now they're having a promotion of 100% cash back reward if you buy their products at the Skin Center? Yes, if you buy RM300 worth of products, you'll get a cash voucher of RM300 to be used for your facial treatment. Now tell me how awesome is that??
Before I pen-off, I'd like to share a very special news to you guys! Thanks to HiShop, everyone can have their own Murad Skincare Set at a lower price (for sale within Malaysia only)! How? Simply click HERE and see which range suits your skin best ^_^ And then? Buy it of course! Opps, there's something more! From December 2013 to January 2014, with every purchase of Murad products from HiShop, you'll get a free complimentary skin treatment voucher from Murad. Well, don't you all wanna experience the marvelous skin treatment I had talked about? 

Till then!

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  1. So cooollll >.< wish I could experience that haha

    1. Since they are having the 100% cash rebate now, it's a good time to go and try ^_^ really i think nobody should miss it!

  2. Bestnya! Can't wait to make an appointment cuti sem kang! hehe great review btw ^_^

  3. This is so tempting! I've always wanted to go for a skin treatment session!


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