Review : Silkygirl Double Intense Duo Eyeshadow

Friday, December 06, 2013

Assalamualaikum and hello!

Wow it's Friday already, how fast time flies!! I bet many of you are now in the sugar rush mood aite? Today has been a slow day for me, with only one class to attend (and it finishes earlier than expected). So why not spice it up with a pair of eyeshadow to make my day pop? Hehe

I bet we all Malaysians are familiar with Silkygirl products right? It's one of the famous drugstore cosmetic brand here, with affordable price and funky themes. I also found that recently some of their products are getting better than before (based from my experience of using them). 

What I have here is Silkygirl Double Intense Duo Eyeshadow in 08 or Maple Flush. It has been around in the market for quite some time actually. 

It comes in a plastic casing, with a mini dual ended eyeshadow applicator. I actually don't really use the applicator as using my fingers or eye brushes are a lot easier. My primary concern here is whether the casing can withstand high pressure or not, it seems like it can crack/break easily =_='' but please, don't judge the product by its casing :p

According to Silkygirl, this eyeshadow has velvety texture, smooth finish, medium to full coverage and easy application. Finally, zero lies. I know we all hate makeup products that didn't deliver what it promise. I have been using this eyeshadow for quite some time, and all the claims are true. The downside? It is quite messy as the powder transfer basically everywhere, no matter you use a brush or just your finger.  

Here are the swatches, with and without flash. It seems like dark brown and pink to me, don't you agree? The dark brown color is heavily pigmented while the pink shadow is quite sheer but buildable. I think I recognize some glittery specks in the pink shadow as well. On my hands in both pictures are just 1 swipe. 

This eyeshadow duo is suitable for daily wear. Fast application guaranteed, decent color payoff and it stays well with a primer underneath. I tried it without a base, and the pink + dark brown melts till it became one color, which is something like bronze? It doesn't crease though my lids are oily (or maybe not oily enough?haha!). Maybe it will crease if you pat a lot of shadows on your eyelids, which is something I did not try :p 

Oh one more thing, if you apply it without a primer, I found it easily wiped off or blended if you make a mistake. Some eyeshadows are like paint, tough to be removed with bare hands upon a mistake, but this won't be a trouble.

Overall, it is a nice eyeshadow to have if you want something decent and affordable. Perfect for gifting to your loved ones, especially when Christmas is around ;) You can also include this in a "My First Makeup Kit" for your teen sister? There are a selection of duo colors for you to choose as well, don't worry!

~Drugstore carrying SILKYGIRL products~
~Supermarkets carrying SILKYGIRL products~

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  1. I really like the colours. Perfect for everyday :>

    1. yup yup, it's perfect for everyday wear ^_^ selalu pakai masa nak pergi kelas :p

  2. Alaaa... y never put at ur eye lids. Wanna see the effect maaa...

    1. i know i should >.< but i did this while at the fac and i tak bawak the eyeshadow tadi :p


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