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Thursday, December 05, 2013

Assalamualaikum and hello!

How many of you keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in your bag? Since the outbreak of numerous diseases, we population of the world has been educated to be more concern of our personal hygiene. Having a bottle of sanitizer with you will not only help to get rid of germs on your hands, but also as an alternative when you cannot find clean water and soap nearby ^_^

Bloop Cosmetics is introducing a line of germ killing squad called Bloop Germ Blaster, just for the citizens of Earth! Lets meet them shall we? 

There are 5 types of germ blasters for you to choose, each with different pleasant scents and powers to fit your personality :D

Not only that, they also come with 5 different Christmas-themed holders for you to complete your germ-blasting experience. Marvelous! 

Oopss, I hear somebody asks to know the germ blasters personally. Well, here we go!
possess DANCE power to bash the germs!
possess FUZZY power to slash the germs!
possess LOVE power to destroy the germs!
possess KNOWLEDGE power to kill the germs!
possess TRAVEL power to teleport the germs!

So, what are you waiting for? Go grab your Germ Blasters from Bloop today!!

Availability of Bloop products : Bloop outlets / HiShop

Bloop Cosmetics : Facebook | Website | Instagram | Twitter

Outlets : 
| Sunway Pyramid LG Floor Lot 1.65 | 
|Genting Highland First World Plaza, LOT F/L 2A.33 (Level T2A)|

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  1. Replies
    1. I know right! Bloop is certainly trying to bring their sanitizer line to an enjoyable level ^_^

  2. Oh My God! I need to get one set of this! seriously! I need a hanger to hang them on my bag. comey nye! Nak elephant and cupcake la. okay, i need to decide to get only one hanger. Okay, i nak elepahant la. hmm cupcake la. alamak! cannot decide la! comey sangatz!

    1. Heyy we have the same choice!! seriously cupcake and elephant sangat comel ^_^ i'm torn too, nak dua-dua lah camni XD

  3. I like the idea of BLASTING germs! They're cute too!

    1. i know right? too cute even us adults easily fell in love with, hehe!


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