My 2014 Beauty Resolution

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Assalamualaikum and hello!

Are you the type of person who always have a new year's resolution? Well, truthfully, I don't really have them every year but sometimes when I saw the importance to achieve things, I'll make it my goal no matter what. Since 2014 is nearing,I'd like to introduce you to my best friend, Yadah, who will help you achieve a beauty resolution like never before ^_^ 

I hope you all have know that Yadah and I have been best friends since January 2013 when she first landed in Malaysia! Do you know that Yadah only brings you all natural skincare range that uses botanical sources? Yes, the power of Yadah lies deep within its natural plant ingredients! Not only being organic, Yadah only delivers an array of chemical free goodness that are so gentle especially on my skin, yet they proved to be effective ^_^ Have you seen that I crowned Yadah Bubble Deep Cleanser to be my 2013 favourite cleanser  coz it really is effective in giving me a breakout free skin ^_^

Since my beloved The Butterfly Project Beauty Bloggers Community has announced a collaboration with Yadah to celebrate 2014, they asked me to tell my 2014 beauty resolution and share it on my blog :) You see, I'm not gonna miss this for the world coz both of them are the reason why I'm still blogging strong ^_^

1. Drink 3L of water per day : Why? Because I did it when I was warded due to dengue, and my skin condition during that time was the best I ever seen since I hit puberty! See people? Water is our skin's saviour!! Drink lotsss of plain water and say hello to crystal clear skin ^_^

2. Wear sunblock consistently : We all know that the UV rays can cause damages to our skin if not treated properly. So, why risk our only skin unprotected? Besides, I don't wanna look wayy older than I am, and I don't wanna contract any skin diseases. So, sunblock for the win!

Well darlings, I think these two will be my primary beauty resolutions for 2014. I believe that if I get to maintain the discipline of carrying these 2 successfully, a lot more disciplined routine will be easier for me to follow. So, what's your 2014 beauty resolution? ^_^

The Butterfly Project Malaysia : Facebook | website
Yadah Malaysia : Facebook / Instagram #YadahMalaysia

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