I was robbed

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Assalamualaikum and hello. I am blogging thru my mom's phone. On December 26th, 2013, I lost a part of my life. The homestay my family rented was broken into. My dad lost his laptop and its adapter. I lost a lot more. My laptop, its adapter, my compact camera, SD card, my phone charger, my Yes4G broadband, my 500GB external hard disk, a few pendrives, my International passport, my ASB account book, my Sony earphone, some of my favourite stationaries, and my laptop bag. Oh well, my wireless mouse's USB was also attached on my laptop, and its gone. So i am only left with a mouse and nothing else. God is testing me real hard aite. All my life is there, in my laptop, external hard disk and camera's SD card. I hope God will help me get my belongings back as soon as possible. If you are reading this, please pray that I can get everything back unscratched and untouched. I really cant afford to lose them, its too much.

By the way, here is the story. We left that homestay at 9am for Gambang Waterpark. That homestay is in Kuantan, Pahang. When we got back at 9pm, the gate's latch was undone but the lock is still there like nothing happened. Same goes to the grill and house's door, both were in good condition, unpicked. We went inside, and realize that the laptops and everything i listed above were gone. The homestay owner said this is the first time ever his house got broken into. We are sure that whoever went in must be someone who is not a stranger to the owner coz the robber must have a duplicate key. Since the doors and locks are not picked at all and no part of the house showed any sign of break-in. I am truly enraged on how could the homestay owner not take care of such serious matter of giving the house key to anyone that he 'trust' till this thing happens to us.

i just want my belongings back :'(

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  1. banyak kan bersabar ye mieza!
    kalau pika jadi mieza mesti sedih..most of item yang hilang tu semua penting dan kegunaan harian kita..
    tak berperikemanusiaan betul orang yang curi tu..semoga Allah memberi balasan yang setimpal padanya kelak..
    kuat kan semangat taw :)

    1. thanks pika. tolong doakan mieza dapat balik barang2 tu :(

  2. kesiannye..sabar ye dear huhu yang penting passport tuu

  3. it's alright kak.jumpa gak nanti.inshaAllah.kun fa ya kun

  4. Assalamualaikum wr Wb

    I come accross Sakuranko blog today, and she leads me to this blog. I have read very carefully what you wrote on this posting.
    To be honestly I am concerned about this matter due to I had had nearly the same situations that you have been through
    I was robbed twice last year. The biggest lost were gone : Laptop , Wedding Ring belongs to my wife , Some money and Androids
    I took into account this thing.

    Regarding to what you have been through so far, I have my own opinion that something is not RIGHT.
    The door is still locked and such nothing happen. The owner of the house is very suspicious. I dont judge them really
    You could have reported to Police and investigate this difficult matter. I am so sorry to hear your tragic lost

    Asep Haryono


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