Silkygirl's Surprise : Fruity Trio Lipbalm

Monday, August 13, 2012

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone ! Last two weeks i was very hyped as i received an email from my favourite makeup brand, Silkygirl saying that they would like to send me some of their new arrivals for trial and review purpose. It was like a miracle falling from the sky as i have been eyeing on one of their latest collection, the lip pot range. Finally, the parcel arrived last thursday, together with another parcel containing a headscarve i received from a giveaway ^_^ double happiness !!

and let's see what's inside it, shall we ?

left to right : Moistureshine Lipcolor (03 Baby Rose), Fruity Trio Lip Balm, Precision Brow Liner (01 Soft Black), Juicy Fruity Lip Pot

strawberry ? 

a very useful 4GB strawberry pendrive :D
besides that, Silkygirl also included a box of dates in that package, since it is the month of Ramadhan right now. what a thoughtful team they are!

alright for this post, i wanna focus on the Fruity Trio Lip Balm first. 

A delectable butter soft lip balm with three layers of unique flavors, each designed to give the lips a pink bloom. With beeswax and shea butter, properties to condition and hydrate lips so it remains soft and smooth. Also contains macadamia seed oil, a natural emollient to lock in moisture, resulting in supple lips. 

i can't help but love the color combination ! this is the most adorable and cheerful lip balm i ever found, seriously. i applied it on my lips and yes, it does give my lips a slight hint of pink, which is totally great especially for those with pale colored lips ^_^ it also has a subtle smell of strawberry as the topmost layer is strawberry flavored. i did a sniff test on the yellow and green parts, and yes, it smelled just like lemon and grape. oh, i was very curious to know if this lip balm has any taste, especially with the lingering of strawberry smell on my lips, so i licked it a bit and found that it does not have any taste :p it moisturizes my lips on the spot, glides on very smoothly like a dream and the staying power is quite amazing since it lasts a good three hours on my lips! besides, i would also like to highlight the SPF 15 function equipped on this cutesy lip balm. remember dearies, as much as we care to apply sunblock onto our face, never forget that our lips also need the same protection. so, i would definitely say yes to lip care products with SPF :)

overall, Silkygirl Fruity Trio Lipbalm is the lip balm that i will always have on the go as it hydrates my lips well, decorates my lips with a pretty hint of pink, has a delicious fruity (strawberry/lemon/grape) smell and it saves me the hassle of reapplying for every hour :D

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