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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Assalamualaikum and hello!

How's 2014 treating you guys so far? I hope we all are getting better in all aspects, I can feel like 2014's gonna be a big year for me ^_^ Straight to the point, it's not too late for me to share what skincare products I've been loving in 2013 with you guys I think :) Most of the products are bought using my own $$$ and two or three of them are sponsored items, but fret not, it doesn't affect my judgement on it. Whatever I have here is what I really love, regardless the price tag or whether it's "in"/"seasoned" already and I have been using them all continuously (some are even finished while I'm writing this). So, enjoy!

This star does not need an introduction! Clinique DDML+ is my first ever Clinique product. I got a few 15ml sample tubes from various giveaways and sample redeem, making the accumulated amount of product equal to full size (lucky me). I don't have the full size bottle btw. I had had a series of dry skin episode due to bad reaction to a sponsored product I tried. Thank god it only causes dry skin and not breakouts >.< The dry skin patches were quite severe and I was damn afraid to touch it or even put on makeup. So at night I slathered a thick amount of Clinique CCML+ on my face before bed, and woke up to see that the dry patches has reduced. Within a week of day and night use of Clinique DDML+, my skin returned to normal and the dry patches are gone ^_^ Since then, I’m a total convert to Clinique DDML+ as it definitely helps moisturize my skin well. I love seeing how plump and soft my skin is when I woke up ^_^ I also use this moisturizer during the day under my makeup, as having it on makes my skin feel safe. Hehe :p

Why good things I got always come in small packages and when I ran out of it, I am also broke at the same time??? (T_T) okay sorry for the drama. This year I started venturing into Yves Rocher products and I found my toner love! There are 2 toners I tried from Yves Rocher with different properties and they definitely have helped me a lot.

First is the Yves Rocher Hydra Vegetal Hydrating Toner. Remember my review post about Hydra Vegetal Refreshing Gel Cleanser? I got this miniature 50ml toner along with the purchase of that cleanser (again, lucky me. I was the last person to claim that free toner for the outlet I went to as it is only limited to first 10 customers). This toner has a watery texture, smells refreshingly amazing (I love using it in the morning as it gave me that “wake up it’s morning!!” sensation ^_^ No fancy lengthy promises, this toner is specifically for skin hydration and boy it really hydrates! It has moisture capture ability derived from botanical saps and my skin never felt as plump, soft and hydrated since I used it. Happy face of mine is equals to using Yves Rocher Hydra Vegetal Hydrating Toner :D if I’m not mistaken, this Hydra Vegetal range has won quite a number of awards too! No wonder, they really works ^_^ Love, love, love!

The second lovely toner from Yves Rocher I tried is Pure System Clarifying Toner. I got this baby in Pure System Discovery Program (trial pack). What I got is in a 30ml bottle and the consistency is thin gel-like, sticky upon contact with hand but dissolves fast and leaves no traces of unpleasant texture when massaged onto skin. It has organic aloe vera and salicylic acid. I love it as it smells divine (the most pleasant smelling toner I ever had), gives an instant cooling sensation on my skin and helps in calming my skin when pimple eruption happens. I don’t know how to say it but I think this toner helps as a layer of barrier protecting my skin. I use it when pimples are visiting thus I can see that I don’t get additional pimples and the current pimples kinda not grow bigger and not that tough to diminish when treated with other pimple solutions.  

*picture from Yadah facebook

There are 2 sunscreens I reached out the most in 2013. First is Yadah Sun Cream SPF40 PA++. I wanted to do a review but since my laptop was stolen along with all my pending review pictures in it, the review will have to wait =_='' Some people commented that this sun cream gave them a ghost white complexion but clearly not on me J I used it daily as I frequently walk under the sun, and also when I have my archery training. It has been a faithful sunscreen for me, protecting my skin from getting darker and I recently gave it to my little sister coz she does not have any sunscreen a day before her camping trip. Now both my little sisters are fighting over it at home. Kids =_=’’
*pssst, Yadah has launched a newly improved version of sunscreen, and I have it!! Gonna reveal it to you guys soon :)
Another newfound sunscreen-love of mine is Divinia Ultra Light Watery UV Base (for face) SPF 50 PA+++. This one is lighter than Yadah Sun Cream, less oilier and has higher SPF. I love having it under my makeup as it is very light and I’m glad that I no longer feel the burning sensation whenever I am exposed to the sun ^_^

Have you heard of Yadah Brightening Ampoule? I have been using it every night till the last drop and I must say it is an excellent ampoule! Put that “brightening” word aside, I can never get my skin whiter as I’m born with yellowish-tan skin. This ampoule, with its excellent natural ingredients (the trademark of Yadah, no artificial colorings, preservatives, mineral oil, sulphates, parabens) has helped my skin to be free of tans, evens out my skin tone and I also sensed that it hydrates my skin well. Try it!!
Next is Nuxellence Jeunesse Youth and Radiance Revealing Fluid by NUXE. This light cream smells divine, absorbs very fast and within two weeks I see my tired dull skin became better. It gives me an evened-out skin tone, softer skin and not to be forgotten, the flowery smell captivated me the most! The only drawback I found is its price, hehe! I have it reviewed here.

Face Mask
2013 is the year I started wearing facial masks more seriously than I ever did, though I yet to claim myself a disciplined mask wearer. More to a hoarder I think, hahaha! Here’s some face masks I love the most! 
Annie’s Way Tea Tree Anti-Acne Face Mask (sheet mask) : I bought it at MaskSlim because my best friend said Annie’s Way masks are good. Since it is an anti-acne mask, I used it when I have a massive breakout episode (still have them now =_=’’). I just popped some acne with puss, cleansed my face thoroughly and then I put this mask on. When I took it off and, the popped acne area is no longer angry-red, no longer painful, and the zits are all calmed down. I got very happy and bought some more ;) 
Yadah Brightening Mask :  If you are looking for a mask that hydrates your skin, makes you glow and gives you an instant brightening effect, this is it! I have been using it for a few times already, and this is by far the mask that makes me a happy girl with its after effects J
Whewww, thanks staying with me up to this point! Share with me what you've been loving in 2013 please? And oh, what do you want to see more on Fiery Phoenix blog since it's already 2014? Tell me tell me, I wanna make my site more interesting for everyone to read ^_^

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  1. I have yet to find a toner that suits me hahaha. Apparently most of them enlarges my pores (which is weird since they should shrink my pores! haha)

    These are good suggestions to be tried ;) hehehe~~

    I'd love to see more reviewsssss~ lol. I read anything really :D


    1. uiks, how come toner enlarge your pores? weird! go go go, try lagi cari toner yang sesuai ;) thanks for the suggestion dear ^_^

  2. I love Yadah Brightening Mask. Sebab sejuk je bila pakai. Rasa fresh terus!

    1. agree! best sangat masa pakai siap boleh tertidur, hehe

  3. I have the annie's way sheet mask too but the anti sensitive one I guess, its the pink colour but haven't tried it yet :p

    1. the third time i went to MaskSlim, they SA too suggested me to use the pink packaging mask ^_^ nanti Izzah dah cuba gtau ye

  4. I got the pure system trial kit from my friend..but the toner is sticky when i apply on cotton haha how should i use it..just apply directly??

    1. It is a bit sticky too for me. I dont use cotton pad coz of its thick consistency, i just pour ot onto my palm and apply directly :) it absorbs better that way ^_^

  5. Ooo for better absorbance ok ok and thanks ^^


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