Cerro Qreen Natural Pony Wool Professional Makeup Brush Set (Yellow)

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Assalamualaikum and hello lovelies!

Tell me, how many makeup brushes a girl can have? How many do you have? When I started using makeup I did not have any brushes. I remember my first ever makeup brush was an e.l.f stippling brush and I still have it, after two years, in good condition :) Ever since, I've been viewing lots of tutorials and read lots of posts regarding makeup brushes, its functions, and how to use it fully. I then can't stop dreaming of having a massive collection of makeup brushes to play with, hehe!

Thanks to Natta Cosme, I received a gorgeous set of makeup brushes from them for review, and I chose yellow set because at that moment I thought asking for pink set is too mainstream XD kidding! I actually already have a set of pink brushes so I guess, why not I try yellow instead? Bright color calls for happy mood  ^_^ This set I received has its brush bristles made from pony hair and it is a travel size makeup brush set, definitely perfect to bring for a getaway!
Cerro Qreen is a brand from the US, and they use synthetic fibre and animal hair to make their brushes line, which promises smooth and gentle texture. Cerro Qreen too, is a brand that is well known among many professional makeup artists due to its high quality brushes and affordable price tag. I have tested them all during my makeup application and I really love them to bits! Wanna know why?
Lets start with the first brush! Being the biggest of all brushes, this powder brush is fluffy and is not not harsh on my skin at all. I feel loved when using it, hehe :p Due to its size, this brush too can be used to apply blusher. I only use them with powder makeups like loose powder, compact powder and powder blush. It comes with a brush guard as well as you can see in the picture below.
Next is the big eyeshadow brush. I really love it mainly because it is very dense! I love dense eyeshadow brushes as it picks a good amount of eyeshadow, which this brush has successfully proven ^_^ The size/diameter of its handle too makes my life easier as I have small hands. I can say that this is the biggest eyeshadow brush I ever have!
Here comes the medium eyeshadow brush. Equally dense like the big one, it also picks up a good amount of eyeshadow when used. Applying eyeshadow now is among the happiest part of makeup routine I am expecting daily with these brushes :D

Now, meet the smokey eyeshadow brush! It is dense too, making blending easier when it comes to the crease or making a cut crease technique (though I suck at making cut crease and still need to learn a lot). Thanks to this brush, I can practice more and moreee ^_^

Say hello to the small eyeshadow brush in this set :D Even though it is smaller than the rest of its siblings, it is as dense as you can wish for, which is a good thing. I use this when I need to apply eyeshadow on small areas, and I also learned that it is perfect to be used for contouring too.
Finally, it's the eyebrow brush. The slanting edge it has makes applying eyebrow powder easier and shaping your eyebrow will not be a problem too. It can be an eyeliner brush too, as the slanting edge will help you get a thin line or a sexy flick for cat-eye makeup. Alternately, I also tried using it with eyeshadow powder to line my waterline, and it works just as well :) Who doesn't love a multipurpose tool now? 

Overall, I think I have found my new love in makeup brushes ^_^ In my humble opinion, this Cerro Qreen makeup brush is :
  • easy to use and easy to bring for travel
  • very convenient for small hands
  • the softest brush set I ever owned 
  • perfect for beginners, perfect for gifting, perfect for everyone!
  • convenient to use if you love to sit very near to the mirror while doing your makeup coz the bristles are short

Here are the links to similar brush sets of different colors that you can get at RM29.52 each (actual price was RM36.90). Quick, get yours today!! :

Apart from the above sets, you can check out HERE for more makeup tools at affordable price only at Natta Cosme ^_^

p/s : How do you all like the image quality? Since my camera was stolen I used my mom's Lumia 920 to capture all the images for this post. They're not edited at all except for the wordings I added. What do you think?

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  1. wahh!! interesting!!
    pika pun start beli brush ialah brush ecotools..lepas tu jadi gian nak beli banyak-banyak brushh..huhuu
    guna nyaa satu dua tiga empat je...kekekee..pika pika -geleng kepala-
    just love to collect themmm..

    1. kita baru ada satu Ecotools, hehe! kalau Pika nak yg sesuai bawak untuk travel, beli la Cerro Qreen ni memang best pakai ^_^


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