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Monday, January 20, 2014

Assalamualaikum and hello!

Diamonds are girls' best friends. A quote that has been around us since forever, signifying the closeness of ladies with anything pretty and shiny and expensive. But not everyone can afford diamonds, let alone get it as a gift. So, today I'm gonna bring you to a tour in Akiyo's world, where you can find the prettiest, affordable jewelries to be your new best friend ^_^

Located at Parkmaya Fharenheit88. Akiyo Designers Jewelry offers a selection of necklace, bracelet, rings, anklet and earrings made from silver, stainless steel, fresh water pearl, gemstones, leather and many more. They also use swarovski elements in designing a certain range of jewelries. 
During my visit, Akiyo presented to us their Christmas collection, which features fresh water pearl bracelet and enamel-plated 925 silver sterling charms. The Christmas charms are Eiffel Tower, various colors of Swarovski snowflake, white snowflake and pink gift box. Bear in mind that even though they're introduced for the Christmas collection, they are all available throughout the year and not seasonal. So, you can get them anytime ;)
source : Sabby Prue
In order to take care of the charm bracelets, Akiyo provides its buyers an anti-tarnish pouch and box. Instead of putting your bracelets in random casings/surfaces, customers can have a safe pouch to store the bracelets whenever it is not in use. Aside from that, it is advised for us to keep the bracelets away from being in contact with perfume and other chemicals that might contribute to its damage. 

Do not worry if the bracelet is too big or too small for your wrist. Akiyo provides its customers with bracelet altering service and they also sell some of the bracelets according to sizes.



Akiyo does not only sell charm bracelets, but they offer various other types of accessories including :
  • pearl bracelets
  • gemstone bracelets
  • leather bracelets
  • sets of bracelet, earrings and necklaces
  • various designs of bangles
  • rings (for him and for her)
gemstone bracelets
rings for him & for her
gemstone and leather bracelets (right hand side of the picture)
My favourite from Akiyo would be the pearl bracelet, charm bracelet and gemstone bracelet. What about you? ;) The prices offered for Akiyo jewelries starts from RM59 each/pair. You can request for a custom made piece if the design you're looking for is not available, but for this a discussion between Akiyo's designer and the customer is required.  

Thanks so much to The Butterfly Project Malaysia and Akiyo Jewelry for inviting me to get to know Akiyo better ^_^ Now I know who I can rely on when I'm looking for exquisite pieces of jewelry, yeayy!

For your information, Akiyo Jewelry can be found at Parkamaya Fahrenheit 88, The Garden Robinson, and Damansara Uptown. 

Akiyo Jewelry
3rd Floor, Lot F028,
Parkamaya, Fahrenheit88,
Bukit Bintang, KL.
Business hour : 11am-9pm daily

HQ (Gallery)
24M, Jalan SS21/39,
Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya Selangor.

Latest outlet :
Robinson @ The Gardens,
Mid Valley.

Website :
Facebook :

Special thanks to :
The Butterfly Project - Beauty Blogger
Facebook :
Website :

I lost all the pictures I took during the event due to a robbery, and I only managed to edit 2 pics of mine earlier before the unfortunate event (as you can see from the watermark). All the non-watermarked pictures are from my dearest Illy Ariffin, SWAT member of The Butterfly Project, thanks a lot Illy! And of course, thanks to Sabby Prue for allowing me to borrow one picture from her blog as well :) May god bless you all for helping me. Thanks Butterfly Project for giving me the extension of due date, I am terribly sorry for the trouble >.<

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  1. Assalamualaikum mieza, cantiknya charm! suka pakai dulu, sekarang je tak. hehe bestnya lama tak follow the butterfly project >_______<

    1. Wsalam kak Sheila ^_^ charm bracelet mmg lawa kan, kita dah lama minat cuma now baru berpeluang. alhamdulillah rezeki :) nnt kak Sheila dah boleh join semula best la kita dapat jumpa lagi, hehe

  2. Damn, the bracelets are all so cute!!

    1. i know right! rasa macam nak semua je, nasib je bukan jutawan kalau tak "okay, i want all of them. bungkus now!" hahaha XD

  3. Hi Mieza, I'm quite new here and I'm loving your blog's layout! and the bracelets are cuteeee! :)

    1. hi there Bella, thanks for visiting ^_^ yeah all the bracelets at Akiyo are so cute I wish I can have them all. If you happen to go to Fahrenheit88 then do pay them a visit ;)

  4. k lily pun dah start jatuh cinta dengan akiyo ni lah, cantik charmmya

    1. sama la kita kak Lily, rasa nak je kumpul penuhkan bracelet ni. dari kecik kita minat bracelet charm ni tapi belum mampu beli lagi, hehe


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