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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Assalamualaikum and hello awesome people of Earth!
The Butterfly Project has again, delighted me with an afternoon with ServerFreak where I discovered that setting up a blog using WordPress is no longer a hassle with ServerFreak's awesome package! 
The workshop plus lovely afternoon tea was held at SHOWCASE Kelana Jaya, and all attending Butterflies were served with a delightful assortment of high-tea servings made by Teaffani Patisserie. And oh my myy, the decoration was just soooo beautiful and perfectly English! Well, Ask Joey the party planner did it again this time, and 123Cheese too helped us capture the memories with cute props at their photo booth. 
 Butterfly Project's cake for our website's launch ^_^
It was an unforgettable afternoon I shall say, what more with the unexpected gifts from Etude House, classic story book for every one and Tammy's DIY scrap book. Edazz made a dazzling performance as she sang us all a song that deeply touches my heart! We Butterflies really enjoyed each other's companion as ServerFreak gave us ample time to mingle around and munch munch on the tea before the workshop started ^_^
surprise door gifts for Butterflies
Tammy's DIY scrap book

Now let me entertain you with some serious events that an aspiring blogger encountered, on his way to set-up a blog on his own. Well, he thought it is as easy as 1,2,3... 

Well well well, ain't that tragic? Chill bro, I've been there, a lot of times. Tinkering with a blog, no matter what platform you use, is not a walk in the park. It isn't at level 99999 difficult but it's not what you can just "heyy I wanna edit my blog and it will look like heaven in 5 minutes". Some people are blessed with the ability to learn and make it right the first time, but a lot of others, got demotivated and say goodbye to the dream of setting-up a blog, or a blog shop. 
That is why, Serverfreak, the premium hosting solutions, offers you SERVERFREAK WORDPRESS EASY SETUP, a package for any beginners or even existing bloggers to get your blog right and an eye-candy for everyone to browse ^_^ All you need to prepare is your own header like the guy above did (his fabulous header, he said). For just RM289 (and RM198 renewal fee for the consecutive years), you'll get these all :
click HERE for the package's demo prepared by Serverfreak!

So, what if you don't prefer the color scheme that comes with the package? Don't worry! You can ask for a background and tabs color change, or give them the image of background you prefer. However, this option is only one time okay? Don't take it for granted! Wanna see their awesome works? Here are some of the blogs that Serverfreak has tinkered with! They all look gorgeously neat and fun to browse! Don't you wanna have a blog so lovely like theirs? 

Hooked? I am! Guess how did I get my blog's domain? It's from Serverfreak of course! Fast service, reliable and very helpful (my personal opinion and experience), I can't ask for more ^_^ Oh by the way, Serverfreak too has many other packages for you as well. Click HERE for their services, click HERE for their web hosting solutions, and click HERE if you are interested to get your own domain ^_^ Apart from their website, Serverfreak is on Twitter and Facebook too, in case you need to chat or ask them anything ^_^
I really hope that my post helps you discover a solution for your blog ^_^ Remember, there's nothing like "too difficult to start a blog" when Serverfreak is around ^_^ Go get their package now!

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