Birthday Shoutout : Anis Asila, the girl who stays close to my heart

Saturday, January 25, 2014

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Here's a birthday shout out for someone I love, unconditionally.

Dearest Anis Asila,
We have been best friends for 12 years and counting
We were parted by time, we then lived damn far away from each other
We only got to meet less than 5 times since 2004,
yet my heart is never cold with you in my thoughts.

Happy 22nd birthday dearest
Grow up and be whatever your heart desires
Be the effortlessly beautiful girl I know inside out
Last but not least,
keep calm and eat durian, 
I know your obsession is highly indestructible

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  1. cantiknya kawan awak. Happy birthday my dear! :)

    Kirim salam si cantik manis tu!

    1. baiklah kak nanie, akan disampaikan ^_^ Anis ni memang cantik orangnya, hati pun baik :)


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