I Thought There Won't Be A Problem. Boy I Was Wrong

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Things seem to be perfectly in place,
I am anxiously waiting to start another journey beautifully,
But then
You stormed in ferociously ruining the perfect thought I have,
You dissipate all my happiness, making my days just as dreadful as it shouldn't be.
But well, you crushed me beyond repair I don't know what should I remember,
to see you as someone good, as someone I should respect.
God is testing me, I know,
and I'm seeing all my last straws breaking silently.

You know what?
I'm not going to mind you at all.

On a separate note, this has nothing to do with any boyfriend, soul mate, crush or whatsoever.

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  1. Its okay babe.. we learn to be a stronger person from all the downs... ALL THE BEST ! :D



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